Core Network Working Group

With the change of the applications and needs presented to the user, the need to support these applications that work compatible with the infrastructure is intensively studied in the mobile world on next generation technologies, and the ITU is undergoing identification studies under 3GPP. The main reason for technological trends is the need for high data transfer due to the increased use of applications. While focusing on voice transmission with 1G and 2G, data transmission with 3G has been adopted and 4G has continued to be developed with focus on multimedia transmission. With the release of 4.5G, video transmission has become more important. Nowadays, when the level of mobile technology, and the variety of applications and services provided by the technology is examined, it is seen that the three main needs of the next generation mobile technology that is provided by 5G are met. These needs can be basically classified as high data rate, service speed and number of connections.

With the transition from the hardware-based architecture to the software-based architecture, mobile operators will experience an increase in the quality of service to be provided to the end user by minimizing the vendor dependencies and optimizing the network management. The main topics to be addressed with the contributions of operators, vendors, universities and technology companies that provide mobile communication services in our country in order to develop the core network infrastructure currently in use and start using new technologies are as follows:

Management and Orchestration (MANO),

5G Core Network Elements,

Cyber security,

IMS Services Network Applications Mission Critical Services,

Device Management - IOT Platform

Network Slicing

Software Defined Network (SDN)

Network Capability Exposure Function - API definitions

Authorization - AAA

Virtualization of Network Functions (NFV)

Central and Distributed Topologies

Self Organizing Network

Synchronous and Non-Synchronous Network Functions

Heterogeneous Networks (HetNet)

Core Network Working Group members in the scope of the 5GTR Forum conducted meetings on Turkey's new generation core network. In these meetings, with the aim of using our country's resources efficiently and producing the high quality technological local products that can be sold to the whole world, the technologies are classified and divided to three parts according to their importance levels as follows.


• 5G Core Network Elements,

• Security. 

It was decided to carry out studies on the subjects above and to establish sub-study groups on the determined three topics.

As a result of working together with universities, operators, vendors and technology companies in the sub-study groups, technologies aimed to be developed with priority related to the core network topic have been determined and a roadmap has been proposed for our country.