Organization Structure

General Assembly

The 5GTR Forum General Assembly includes all the stakeholders such as public institutions, non-governmental organizations, operators, universities, technology companies, vendor companies, etc. involved in the 5G ecosystem who fill the participation form prepared by the Forum secretariat to work with the aim of establishing 5G infrastructure with native facilities and being one of the first user countries of the new communication systems. 

For 5GTR Forum membership, the form must be filled and submitted to the Secretariat [1]. The Coordinator Institution evaluates applications for participation in terms of scope and objectives of the 5GTR Forum.

Duties of the General Assembly Members

To ensure active participation in all activities carried out by the 5GTR Forum, in particular those carried out in working groups,

To share information and experiences with forum members in the context of 5GTR Forum needs,

To follow the outputs of the activities of the Coordination Board and the Working Groups, to evaluate and make suggestions,

Working Procedures

The General Assembly meets at least once in each calendar year.

The date and place of the General Assembly shall be determined by the Coordination Board and announced to the members at least one month in advance. The meeting agenda shall be established by the Secretariat within the framework of the proposals from the Coordinating Agency, Coordination Board, Advisory Board, Academic Committee, Working Groups and all members.

Coordination Board

Coordination Board coordinates all stakeholders’ studies in the ecosystem for developing 5G and beyond new generation communication system products that will be included in world markets with protecting national benefits in line with the strategic objectives aimed at Turkey's localization.

The Coordination Board consists of 5GTR Forum member institutions and organizations to be determined in an-odd number. 5GTR Forum Coordinator Institution, representative of the Advisory Board and representative of the Academic Committee are considered as natural members of the Coordination Council.


To create working and technology monitoring groups in the required fields,

To create technological roadmaps and encourage members to work in coordination in 5G and beyond,

To carry out studies for the determination of national strategies in 5G and beyond areas and to take suggestions on the projects that need to be initiated in the public decision makers,

To inform members of the 5GTR Forum about the activities carried out in the workshops and working groups,

To carry out the necessary studies for organizing local and international conferences, workshops and symposiums,

In order to carry out technology development studies together with universities, it is necessary to establish academics / researchers' pool according to their fields of expertise and to participate in working groups,

Announcing the date and place of the General Assembly.

Working Procedures

The Coordination Board meets at least every 3 months.

The agenda of the meeting shall be formed within the framework of the proposals coming from the Coordinator Institution, the Coordination Committee members, the Advisory Board, the Academic Committee and the Working Groups.

The relevant institutions, organizations and persons may be invited to the meetings of the Coordination Board within the framework of the meeting agenda. The votes are taken by the majority of the votes of the members of the Coordination Committee.

The work done by the Coordination Board is presented to forum members at the General Assembly Meetings.

Coordinator Institution

5GTR Forum Coordinator Institution is Information and Communication Technologies Authority (ICTA). The Coordinator Institution ensures coordination and harmony of the work of all 5GTR Forum Boards, Working Groups and Project Groups.

The announcements and declarations to be made on behalf of the 5GTR Forum are made by the Coordinator Institution.


5GTR Forum secretariat activities are carried out by the Coordinator Institution.

Advisory Board

It includes representatives of the relevant public institutions and organizations in the 5G and beyond ecosystem to ensure that 5GTR Forum work is guided within the framework of country strategies, contribute to the effective use of 5GTR Forum from incentive mechanisms and benefit from the output of 5GTR Forum activities at maximum level. The Advisory Committee is composed of authorized representatives notified by relevant institutions and organizations such as the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure (UBAK), the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology (BSTB), the Ministry of Development (KB), the Defense Industry Undersecretariat (SSM), the Radio and Television Supreme Council, the Turkish Patent and Brand Institution and many more. However, public institutions and organizations operating in vertical sectors can be included in the future. The Advisory Board Membership Form filled in by authorized representatives shall be forwarded to the Secretariat [2]. 

The Advisory Committee, if deemed necessary, will consider to include special members in the Advisory Board.

The Advisory Committee shall determine the representative of the Coordination Board in a manner to which it considers appropriate, and shall notify the Secretariat to be announced in the General Assembly.

Academic Board

5GTR consists of academics / researchers working in 5G and beyond to create effective collaborations between the Forum and universities and to provide academic support in the fields needed by the Forum, and to contribute to the training and education of qualified personnel needed by the sector.

The academics/researchers who will take place in the Academic Council will inform the 5GTR Forum about which working groups can support their activities by filling in the Academic Committee Membership Form and forwarding to the Secretariat [3] and participate in the meetings of the working groups as much as possible. If the academics/researchers involved in the Academic Committee are members of the 5GTR Forum, they will represent their universities with only one vote, by evaluating themselves.

The Academic Council shall determine the representative of the Coordination Board in an appropriate procedure to which it is entitled, and shall notify the Secretariat to be announced at the General Meeting.

Working Groups

In the 5GTR Forum Working Groups and 5G and beyond new generation mobile communication technologies; it is aimed to be able to take an efficient and effective route in a short period of time with local and international collaborations in line with the aim of establishing a native 5G and beyond communication network by developing high quality local and national products, services and technologies to be included in local and international markets.

In this framework, the 5GTR Forum Working Groups will focus on issues related to the network layer of software such as SDN/NFV, which will form the basis of 5G and beyond. The Core Network Group consists of the Physical Network Group, which focuses on the RF related areas and hardware, and the Standardization Group, which will focus on the Service and Application Group for end users and on standardization work.

For membership the following participation form should be sent to and addresses.