5G Valley Open Test Site

5G Valley is an open test site where the R&D, product developments and tests of new communication technologies can be conducted, which will be set up by ICTA, Middle East Technical University, Bilkent University, Hacettepe University and by electronic communication operators Turkish Telecommunication Inc., Turkcell Communication Services Inc. and Vodafone Telecommunications Inc.

The 5G Valley Steering Committee, consisting of representatives of the parties in the protocol signed for the 5G Valley, has begun to work within this scope. The area also hosts representatives of sectors such as information and entertainment, health, energy, transportation and agriculture, which are called vertical industries, where 5G and beyond technologies are used more frequently by communication technologies and host about one hundred university students. It is aimed 5G Open Test Area to be a platform creates R&D opportunities and enables public, university, operator and industry collaborations for all parties like academics, researchers, Ph.D. students and start-ups that work on 5G and Beyond Technologies.

Currently, the Steering Committee of the 5G Valley is continuing its activities in order to start working within the scope of the determined mission and vision of the project