Turkey is Beginning to Advance Rapidly in 5G Studies

June 13, 2018

The "5G New Generation Communication Technology Signing Ceremony" held in Ankara by the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology; Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure and Information and Communication Technologies Authority.

The program hosted by TÜBİTAK was organized by the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology Dr. Faruk Özlü; Chairman of Information and Communication Technologies Authority Dr. Ömer Fatih Sayan; Chairman of TÜBİTAK Dr. Hasan Mandal; Head of OSTİM Organized Industrial Zone, Orhan Aydın; Chairman of the Communication Technologies Clusters, Murat Çelik; authorities of the companies under the roof of HTK, officials from GSM Operators and many guests.

The chairman of ICTA Dr. Ömer Fatih Sayan emphasized that the work for 5G has been continuing for a long time. He also added, "We have gathered here in order to take an important step in" End-to-End Local and National 5G Communication Network Project", which is very important in terms of our country's economy. Today, information technology has become an important sector that leverage the economic growth of countries. This is an unquestionable fact that will accelerate in the coming years. We know that the basic key to advancement in information technology is hidden in electronic communication technology, and the most important element for these technologies is electronic communication infrastructure. Therefore, we attach great importance to investments that will improve the infrastructure of electronic communication sector."

Our Main Goal is to Develop Local and National Policies

The main objectives stated by Dr. Sayan is the given care to the investments made for this sector and developing Turkish localism and nationalism policies as ICTA. He also added, "For the goal of creating a local and native electronic communications network, our authority made the first step with the obligation of localism for 4.5G authorization to mobile operators. Mobile operators are obliged to provide at least 45% of their investments such as hardware and software for 4.5G networks and electronic communication services from locally certified products. As an authority, we regularly monitor the fulfillment of the obligation.” he said.

Chairman Sayan also mentioned ULAK, a base station developed in May with local facilities. "Because the number of countries producing base stations in the world is only 5, the ULAK base station proves that the most important component of the end-to-end 4.5G infrastructure can be produced with engineering resources of our country." Sayan points out that the progress made is an important success story for our country. However, not only ULAK, but also the products of our project companies are in the nature of the fact that they are not obstacles in the production of competitive and quality products in the field of technology."

Chairman Sayan gave the following information on the progress made in the area of 5G progress: "In the last 1.5 years, we have carried out coordination and cooperation efforts to include all the stakeholders of the ecosystem in order to develop our local and native production ability. These studies resulted with establishment of 5G TR Forum, 5G Valley Open Test Site Protocol, Memorandum of Understanding of 5G and Beyond Joint Graduate Support Program and Cluster of Communication Technologies (HTK). I wish that the Local and National 5G Communication Network Project will be successful in the planned period and the project outputs will provide the expected contribution for our country."

Minister Özlü: This program is a big success

Speaking in the program, Minister of Science, Industry and Technology. Faruk Özlü de "There is a beautiful picture. User, state, producer are all togerther. We have always asked ourselves why we cannot show the performance in the Defense Industry in this area. In the Defense Industry, customers, users, prices are set at the very first beginning. So the success rate is also high. And another issue that has been criticized for a long time is "Why cannot we do owned R&D? We always wanted to make it. And today we came to the point we wanted. This program is a prosperity of this great success."

The signing ceremony was followed by the speeches. The project work will start with the support of TÜBİTAK and the integration of the 17 companies that join together under the roof of HTK to bring all communication systems as local products to the market so that there is no need for foreign products. 5G systems to be realized with an investment of approximately 253 million TL will be completely exported to local market and will be supported by Türk Telekom, Turkcell and Vodafone Turkey.